Shoe Inserts

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Shoe inserts or orthotics are devices that are placed into shoes to control or correct abnormal lower limb motions and alignment. In a strict sense they can be any insole that will change the mechanics of the foot. They are commonly known as orthotics, shoe insoles, functional foot orthotics or orthotic inserts.

Example of a shoe insert
It’s important to get the right shape pair of insoles to reduce pain on heels, arches and balls of feet

What are the best shoe inserts?

It’s important to make sure any insoles will fit into all shoe sizes and fit all types of feet. The more soft cushioning around the heel the less discomfort you will feel. Insoles are often classed as “unisex” and will work just as well for Men as Women and vice versa.

Docpods offers a large range of tried and trusted shoe inserts:

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How to wear shoe inserts?

Orthotic insoles change the way your foot functions and therefore will require a wearing-in period. Begin by wearing your innersoles for 1-2 hours on the first day.

Increase the time by 1-2 hours every day until they can be worn all day. Occasionally, there may be some discomfort in the legs or back during the adjustment period. This is due to the newly aligned position of your body, and your muscles will take some time to get used to it. If this occurs, cut back the adjustment time by 30 minutes each day. Only progress through the wearing-in procedure to your tolerance (don’t overdo it). After about a week you’ll be ready to keep them on your feet all day every day! Please ensure you remove all existing innersoles from your shoes where possible. To make sure you are getting the ultimate comfort, ensure that the arch support of the Docpods inserts finishes just after the ball of your foot.

What if I don't like the feeling of shoe insoles?

Docpods offers a 30 day money back comfort guarantee for customers. If you are not happy with your insoles you can return them to the shop or place of purchase to receive the price paid for the insole back without any hassles.

How do arch support insoles work?

Orthotics prevent foot fatigue, reduce stress and provide cushioning for the feet. For example pronation at the incorrect time of the gait (walking) cycle or pronation that happens too rapidly will cause over use of the foot, injury and foot pain. Both types of pronation can be controlled with foot orthotics.
Shoe insoles can provide support for walking and shock absorption for running,
The aim of the arch support is to relieve the amount of strain on the foot which will reduce foot pain. This achieved by supporting the anatomical arches of the foot. Insoles are most effective when worn with well fitted supportive footwear.  Even the most effective insert when placed into your older favourite shoes will not function to its maximum.

Which problems can shoe insoles help?

In the past decade, medical research has clearly established the relation between faulty foot movements and pain in heels, knee joints and lower back.

Insoles can help with;

Foot insoles are recommended for;

  • Those having to stand most of the time or walk long distances;
  • Athletes, especially runners, as they are exposed to a lot of overuse injuries caused by over pronation
  • People more prone to over pronation because of muscle weakness, age, obesity or pregnancy