Orthotic Insoles for Flat Feet

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What are flat feet

Most people that suffer from flat feet have a condition that is referred to as a flexible flat foot. This is caused when the foot rolls inwards creating fallen arches due to a mechanical misalignment of the foot muscles. This is a very destructive position for the foot to function in and can cause foot, leg, heel and lower back conditions while walking.

Collapsed Arch (Flat Foot)

Best orthotics insoles for flat feet?


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Foot pain associated with flat feet

The appearance of flat feet may vary from foot to foot. Generally there is a collapse of the medial (inside/middle) long arch of the foot. This may occur mildly where the height drops slightly or can be a large movement that results in the entire length of the foot resting on the ground. The twisting and misalignment of the foot that occurs with arch collapse cause excessive wear and tear on the foot and eventually pain.

Pains and Symptoms of Flat Feet & Fallen arches

Flat feet can lead to a number of foot problems and lower limb symptoms, this is largely due to the inefficient position the foot is placed in when it over pronates (rolls in). Some common pains that determine flexible flat foot include; Pain in Arch of Foot | Runners Suffer from Foot Pain

Symptoms causing flat feet

  • There is a strong genetic predisposition for flat feet
  • Mechanical abnormality of the foot – there are a number of alignment problems that can cause the arches of the foot to collapse.
  • Tendon or Ligament Rupture – when the tendons or ligaments of the foot that are responsible for maintaining the arch are ruptured or stretched, foot pain and collapse are injuries that usually occur.

How to fix flat feet

  • Docpod's orthotics for flat feet provides arch support and shock absorption for joint pain and foot pain relief
  • Wearing supportive well fitted good shoes while walking
  • Exercises to help to control the arch of the foot minimising foot or leg pain
  • Talk to a podiatrist at Docpods or a doctor if you require medical treatment