How to Choose Kids School Shoes

How to choose kids shoes

Selecting the right footwear for your children is not only important for their comfort, but also for optimal foot development. Newborns have flat feet, which later on develop the normal arch shape. It is in these early years that a wrong choice of footwear may hamper normal development and lead to foot problems, most commonly fallen arches or flat-arched feet.

Remember when selecting shoes for your children:

  • Select a shoe with stiff heels but flexible toe area that bends with the toes. Children have soft, easily mouldable feet, so flexibility is important.
  • Select a lightweight and breathable material
  • Look for a flat sole and a wider toe area. Never go for a tight fit – growing feet need space (that doesn’t mean too big a size either)
  • Moreover, as children’s feet are growing you need to check their shoe size regularly. Make sure to buy a new pair before the old ones get too constricted. This can save your child from suffering from ingrown toenails for the rest of his or her life.
  • It’s wise to seek professional help when selecting a shoe for your child. After purchase, to make sure the shoes are a perfect fit, wear them for a few hours inside the house. Afterwards, check your child’s feet for redness or signs of discomfort.

If your child has an excessively flat foot or complains of heel or knee pain, consult a podiatrist. Our designs innersoles for children to provide arch support and optimal alignment and help decrease the pain associated with foot pain from growing feet.