Orthotics for Removalists

Orthotics for Removalists

Why Removalists should be wearing Orthotic Insoles

Many jobs require you to be on your feet all day, but with the added pressure of constant lifting, going up and down stairs, plus navigating multiple different surfaces… Both Local Removalists & Interstate Removalists feet can feel the pain more than most.

Can good shoes alone make a difference?

Shoes are incredibly important for Removalists or anyone in roles where they can drop heavy items on their feet. It’s also incredibly important to have shoes with grip that doesn’t slip across a range of surfaces.

In most cases steel cap work boots are recommended, however, they are typically heavier and don’t have the required flexibility and support to provide comfort or pain relief.

What difference do Orthotics make?

Docpods Orthotics sit in the shoe on a zero degree angle which means they will not over correct the foot beyond it’s natural position.

They are cushioned in the arch support and heel cup areas so any extra pressure will be absorbed to help to keep the foot stable within the shoe.

Our Orthotics are thin enough to not overcrowd the shoe, but, with still enough support to be effective.

Docpods Orthotic ranges are also antibacterial to ensure odors are neutralised.

Our insoles are also soft enough to provide comfort all day without becoming painful from over support.

What are the best Orthotics for Removalists?

See our top sellers below that are available to purchase online with free delivery over $50. Or visit a Mathers or Williams store near you.