How to Choose Hiking Boots

How to choose hiking boots

It may seem confusing to select from the wide range of hiking shoes/boots exhibiting versatile designs; low or high-cut ankles, variations in weights, materials, good gripping soles with varying stiffness, etc.

Every design has its own advantage, and your hiking requirements determine your selection. Light backpackers usually prefer hiking shoes made from nylon and leather combinations. These are lightweight, breathable, very flexible and comfortable over short distances when you are not carrying heavy loads.

If you are planning on trekking over the weekend, you may prefer boots instead of shoes. Hiking boots offer good ankle support (these are available in mid to high-cut designs). However, these lighter shoes may not support you and your backpack well for long, as they are not as tough and supportive as backpacking boots, which weigh more, but give you less fatigue on long-distance hiking trips especially on uneven tracks if you are carrying medium to heavy loads.

If you are a serious hiker, It’s a good idea to invest in a pair of mountaineering boots. These are made from reinforced leather and plastic. These provide maximum support for carrying even heavy loads on day-long hiking trips. After attaching crampons, these can also be used for winter mountaineering.

Don’t forget to break in your new hiking boots first before taking them out on a trip. If you have a foot problem, consult a foot expert before embarking on long trips. Our orthoses provide the added comfort and support you may need to solve your foot problems. Hiking can be a memorable experience only if you concentrate more on the trail, than on that blister on your foot.