How to Choose a Netball Shoe

How to choose a netball shoe

Some players are tempted to engage in netball practice while wearing their favourite running shoes, as their lightness and comfort beats that of regular netball shoes. However, these differences are obviously present for a good reason.

For netball practice you need a slightly stiffer shoe, as it provides greater support. Running is a simple forward motion, while netball practice involves starting, stopping and hopping, and all in seconds, and for this you need speed combined with stability.

Select a shoe that on the inside holds your foot and on the outside grips the court surface well. The midsole should have good shock absorption and bounce-back qualities. An accurate fitting cannot be overemphasized. Shoes that are too tight or too loose are useless and can lead to injury. Always try them on and try the same moves you perform on the court to see if you feel comfortable and steady in them.

A netball shoe needs to have a firm upper to better absorb the shock of lateral movements, and a tough rubber sole to reduce wear on the hard court surface. The sole has a firm grip and is usually low, to keep the foot closer to the ground. It prevents you from rolling your ankle, as can occur with high soles.

Foot injuries are a common incident among sportspersons, with a great percentage being attributed to faulty lower limb mechanics. Our orthoses are designed to correct overpronation and add to the cushioning and support provided by regular netball shoes.